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UN vote condemns as ‘null and void’ US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Article by World Israel News

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Yeshua means Salvation

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Was Yeshua a Sabbath Breaker?

Listen to an audio of Steve Salter on Hebrew Nation Radio
recorded on 1/14/2018 concerning G-dFearers.

Happy Shavuot

All of us wish all of you a very blessed and joyous Shavuot Festival. May the blessings of the L-rd flow in on you and your family with exceedingly great abundance.

May G-d's most gracious gift of the Torah lead us all toward a more perfect relationship and walk before Him. Praise be to His Name for the giving of the Spirit so many years ago to help us follow His commandments which are an extension of His Will and desire for His people, both Jew and G-dFearer alike.

Torah Reading
May 19, 2018

עֶרֶב שָׁבוּעוֹת
Erev Shavuot

B'midbar (Numbers)
1.1 - 4.20

Hosheia (Hosea)

For more information on the Torah reading please refer to our Torah section listed above.

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Rosh Chodesh Tammuz
begins the evening of
June 13, 2018

Torah Reading


The New Moon is the Festival of G-d that teaches us about the believers in G-d and His Messiah.


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Educating and teaching the Torah from an orthodox Messianic perspective to both Jew and non-Jew. Showing the rich heritage that G‑d has given His people through the Jewish nation of Israel and His Festivals.

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