The primary purpose of AYM is to teach and instruct the congregation of G-d in the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective according to the scriptures and halakhah (oral law). Whereas the Jewish community of believers have a wealth of information and direction the non-Jewish community is adrift in a sea of confusion and little to no direction. There is a huge identity crisis within the congregation of G-d concerning the non-Jewish believers.

It is here that AYM will attempt to correct this deficit and steer the non-Jewish believers in the direction that G-d desired and choose for them over 2000 years ago. With extensive study and preparation into the first century congregation and the writings of Sha'ul (Paul) AYM has rediscovered many of the original requirements of the non-Jewish believers which were called, "G‑dfearers".

Today non-Jewish believers are doing what is right in their own eyes. They keep the Festivals but fail to observe them. Some believe they are of the lost tribes because of their yearning for the things of G-d. Many mistakenly keep commandments that do not apply to them. It is time for the non-Jews to take their rightful place in the congregation of G-d and be counted for what they are, G‑dfearers.

For this reason AYM will deal heavily with the G-dfearers and what G-d requires of them.

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