Was Yeshua a Sabbath Breaker?

Was Yeshua a Sabbath breaker? This may seem like a rhetorical question but I assure you there are those that believe he was just that. This blog is basically a defense against the book, The Sabbath Breaker by D. Thomas Lancaster of First Fruits of Zion. In his book The Sabbath Breaker, (hereafter referred to as TSB)  Mr. Lancaster conjectures that Yeshua was indeed a Sabbath breaker. His basic reasoning is this: Love, compassion and the alleviation of human suffering overrides the Sabbath.


The Coming of the Messiah

For over a thousand years people have been saying that the Messiah is coming soon and at any minute. So what makes this time in history different? Everything! The list is long for the reasons why the other predictions could never have been even remotely possible, the least of which is that the church for over 1800 years has been incapable of making such predictions. They neither process the knowledge or wisdom for such an undertaking. The church, when they turned their back on their Jewish faith, they in essence threw the baby out with the bath water.



This is my first blog. Its general purpose is to welcome one and all to our new site and organization. Ahavat Yisrael Ministries is a non-profit organization that is NOT a 501c3, which simply means that donations are not tax deductible. We battled over the issue of rather to be 501c3 or not for years. We didn't want the government to have too much of a grip on what we say or do. However, this (the ministry) takes a great deal of time to do and at times it can get rather expensive. I (Steve) do all the work myself, from writing, selling, filling orders and printing, as well as designing and maintaining this web site. On top of that, I have a remodeling company, Salter Integrity Remodeling, that I run as well. I am, for the most part, the only employee so I have to round up the jobs as well as conduct the services. I also have to do the mundane, that's right, paperwork


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