The Holocaust. The word brings to mind many things to many people, none of them good however. This site is not primarily a holocaust site but because of the topics deep emotional and ever increasing anti-Semitic sentiments in our world today we decided that a few pages dedicated to its remembrance and hopes that it never happens again were in order.

Holocaust StarImagine, if you will, that you were required to wear a patch when you were out in public so others could see who you were and then ridicule you and spit on you. Why, you might ask, well because you were born a Jew. That's the only reason they need. Now, lets simply take that to its logical conclusion. As Nazi Germany didn't just target the Jews, neither would those in power who would do such things again. They too would target anyone they considered inferior to themselves or not following in line to their doctrine of rule.

True believers would most certainly fall under such an umbrella. As we look at the world today we see many signs of things to come. Anti-Semitism is on the rise and with it any one that shares their views and acknowledge their love and support for Israel will find themselves targets as well. As bad and horrific as the holocaust was, what is coming will be even worse. Israel will suffer and it will be the test of the nations to find who will hide and protect them. The G-dfearers will most certainly be in that group. They will even lay down their lives to protect the Jewish people from their oppressor.

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