Ahavat Yisrael Ministries has great plans for 2016/5776. Steve Salter will be working full time on the ministry and it's projects by the end of March The first project to complete is the G-dFearer book. We hope to grow and spread the message G-d has placed in our care to direct the non-Jewish believers towards the way in which G-d had originally intended some 2000 years ago.

This will be accomplished by using video's and audio CD's plus articles, essays and books. We also intend to begin a news letter called "The Appointed Times". This is a name we used some 25 years ago for a paper newspaper that we mailed out once a month. Our hopes are to e-mail one out once a week. Below are listed the projects we wish to complete this year.

  • Complete the G-dfearer book.

  • Start the weekly Appointed Times Newsletter

  • Start a monthly publication called "Footprints of the Messiah".

  • Start a news feed on holocaust related events on an as needed basis.

  • Begin membership sections that allow access to otherwise inaccessible material plus discounts on items purchased.

  • Start a weekly video feed

  • Start a weekly audio feed

  • Weekly Parasha (Torah) Reading Commentary

  • Complete all sections of the Web Site

Our primary purpose is to direct the non-Jew in fulfilling the requirements G-d has placed upon them. They are only a few but even a few are more than we are used to dealing with. We also, as a secondary direction, will endeavor to direct the Messianic Jew toward a more commandment driven life. Probably some 85% of Messianic Jews are not practicing the faith of their fathers. They have abandoned their faith and replaced it with Christianity. They have a form of Jewishness but are full of dead men's bones.

Please check back in a few weeks and we should have the donation and membership pages up and running. At that time please consider helping us in our mission to teach and direct the non-Jew in the ways of G-d.

Thank you


Steve Salter

Plan for AYM 2015
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