Galatians Commentary

Galatians Commentary
Law & Grace; Companions in Redemption

Galatians; possibly the most misunderstood book in the New Testament. For centuries this small book has been used by the unlearned to express the unbiblical concept of abandoning the Torah. Nothing could be further from the truth concerning this book. Sha'ul (Paul), in the book of Galatians and elsewhere advocates the keeping and observing of all the festivals and Sabbaths. Not once can it be found where he taught that one should depart from the principals of G-d. Because that is in fact what we are dealing with when we are talking about the festivals and Sabbaths; G-d's principals, not man's.

This commentary lays the foundations that are required for understanding the precepts of G-d. The chapters found within will draw the reader into the first century in which Sha'ul (Paul) lived and taught. These precepts are vital to rightly dividing the scriptures.

Chapter one deals with the historical aspect of the book. It brings to light the contemporary aspect of the world that Sha'ul (Paul) and the other believers had to deal with. There were many sects of Judaism in the first centuries of the common era (A.D.) as well as the centuries prior to them. The one that comes to mid the most is the Pharisees. This sect of Judaism has gotten a bad reputation from the Christian community. Some deserved but most undeserved. There were indeed Pharisees that were criticized by Yeshua and the apostles but for the most part, the Pharisees were very pious and righteous people and loved and worshipped G‑d.


The Chapters are:

Chapter 1 - Historical Background

Sha'ul; Hillel and Shammai; G-dfearers; Sanhedrin; Worship, Redemption; Conclusion

Chapter 2 - Galatians Chapter 1 The Journey Begins

Chapter 3 - Galatians Chapter 2 Sha'ul's Defense and Authority

Chapter 4 - Galatians Chapter 3 Keeping the Law in its Right Perspective

Chapter 5 - Galatians Chapter 4 There is One Inheritance for All Believers

Chapter 6 - Galatians Chapter 5 The Walk of the True Believer

Chapter 7 - Galatians Chapter 6 Sha'ul's Final Comments to the Galatians

Chapter 8 - Conclusion

Keeping the Commandments; Party Factions; The Judaizers: Believers or Not; In the Beginning; Enter Marcion; Enter Justin Martyr; Enter Tertullian; Enter Origen; The Gist of the Matter

Appendix I

What is expected of the G-dfearers;

Appendix II

Scriptures listing Yeshua as the Sh'liach (Sent One)



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