James Commentary

James Commentary
Faith & Works of the Believer

Ya'akov (James) was almost left out of the canonization of the scriptures. Those in charge of the canonization thought it was to 'pro Law' and in opposition to Sha'ul (Paul). However, Sha'ul (Paul) was as pro Torah (Law) as Ya'akov (James). Simply put, there can be no real redemption without works. Works plays no part in redemption but they are indeed companions in the act of redemption.

Redemption is acquired by faith and faith alone. No work can gain one even one ounce of righteousness before G-d. Righteousness is imparted on us, who are not righteous, because of our faith in G-d's redeemer, Yeshua. We receive Yeshua's righteousness and thereby are considered worthy of eternal life.

However, this does not negate the fact that true faith produces works or actions. Without actions one is not truly redeemed and will fall short on the Day of Judgment. Ya'akov (James) brings this point to light better than anyone else in the scriptures. His direct approach is best for this topic. There are those that believe Sha'ul (Paul) was in opposition to Ya'akov (James) but this is not the case as Sha'ul (Paul) also taught that faith and works are companions in redemption.

Chapters include:

Historical Background

Chapter 1 - The Mark of True Religion

Chapter 2 - Faith, Works and Compassion

Chapter 3 - The Evil Tongue

Chapter 4 - G-dliness VS Worldliness

Chapter 5 - Living the Life of a True Believer


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