Sabbath Ma'ariv Siddur

Ma'ariv L'motzei Shabbat
Concluding Service for the Sabbath

The concluding service to the Sabbath is a small and often overlooked service. It is non-the-less a very important one. Within it one blesses G-d for the New Moon, counts the Omer and says prayers and petitions G-d for His protection and guidance for the coming week.

It is conducted after sundown and following the Havdalah service. It is a service that should be conducted with a minyan (10 adults) but many of its activities may be performed by less than that. Therefore those that are not able to attend a synagogue may still perform many of the Ma'ariv services.

This siddur is written in a simplistic and easy to understand fashion. It's layout is that of all the siddurim written by Steve Salter. Hebrew text is found on the right page and English text is found on the left facing page. The siddur uses the FrankRuhl Hebrew font at 17 points and the English is written in the Ariel Bold at 10 points. This is by far the best two fonts for any siddur. The Hebrew script is clear and well defined as well as the English script.

The commentary is well defined and explains the prayers and expounds on the eschatological aspects of the prayers as well. Yeshua is clearly brought to the forefront where G-d expects him to be. The text, however, is not altered as is the case in nearly all the Messianic siddurim on the market today. It is not necessary to change the services by adding Yeshua in them when he is already there. One need only look.

This siddur is 5.5X8.5 and comb bound for easy use. It was considered binding with a perfect binding as found in most books but it was decided that the comb binding is best for books that are read in services due to their ability to lay open without having to hold the hand over the face of the book. It is also possible to fold the book in half is so desired without causing any harm to the books binding, another great feature of the comb binding.

Item Price: $10.95       Pages: 88        Binding: Comb

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