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The Prayers and Blessings for the Soul has been enjoyed by many who wish to observe G‑d's commandments. The manual is more than just a listing of prayers and blessings, although it does indeed do that, it is a guide to help direct one in not only what to say but when to say it and how to conduct oneself when praying.

For many years people have been coming to G-d and wishing to follow the Torah and live a life that is pleasing to Him. This has created somewhat of a dilemma for the beginner, and in some cases those that have even had some interactions with the Jewish lifestyle.

This manual was written to lessen that concern and help direct the worshiper in the correct form and fashion when it comes to reciting prayers and blessings. In this manual one will be led in a clear and concise fashion in the correct blessing to be said at nearly any given circumstance.
One will also find a listing of prayers for most cases that concern the life cycle, from retiring at night to traveling to rising in the morning.

Not all the prayers are for everyone, some are just for Jews and non-Jews should take care in not reciting or filling commandments that do not apply to them. G-d has given some commandments only to the Jewish people, this is His Will and plan and we are to respect and accept it.

This Haggadah is 5.5X8.5 and comb bound for easy use. It was considered binding with a perfect binding as found in most books but it was decided that the comb binding is best for books that are read in services due to their ability to lay open without having to hold the hand over the face of the book. It is also possible to fold the book in half if so desired without causing any harm to the books binding, another great feature of the comb binding.

Item Price: $12.95       Pages: 179        Binding: Comb

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