Rosh haShanah Book

Rosh haShanah and the
Messianic Kingdom to Come
An Interpretation of the Feast of Trumpets Based Upon Ancient Sources

Rosh haShanah and the Messianic Kingdom to Come, written by Joseph Good, is one of the leading literary works for explaining the concepts of interpreting the scriptures from a purely Biblical standpoint. Mankind has their form of interpretation and G‑d has His.

This book covers many more topics than just the Festival of Rosh haShanah (Feast of Trumpets) found in the book of Leviticus chapter 23. It deals with, as mentioned above, Biblical concepts, which are required for correct interpretation of Scriptures.

An example found in the book is the Jewish calendar. A correct understanding of the Jewish calendar is needed if one wishes to retrieve precious gems from the scriptures and perceive the eschatological plan that G‑d is communicating. Without a working knowledge of the calendar one will miss many examples that G‑d has given of His plan of redemption and salvation, which are two different things. Many dates repeat in the Scriptures and the events that happen on them are for our instruction, if we know how to use them.

The Rapture is also dealt with in this book. How the Scriptures can call the same event, the Day of the L‑rd, both a day of rejoicing and a day of trembling is explained in clear and concise detail. Most of Christianity has incorrectly interpreted when the Millennium begins. Christianity is clearly divided when the rapture takes place, however, the Feast of Rosh haShanah defines these events from G‑d's view. This is why He gave us the Festivals in the first place, to teach us and lead us through rehearsals for the actual events as they occur.

Only problem is that we have discarded these teachings from Him and lost the explanations of future events that have been explained by the One Who planned them. This is one of the curses of Christianity and a plan from the Adversary to thwart the plan of G‑d but it will not succeed..

Topics covered:

  • The Dual Concept of the Messiah

  • The Chosen People

  • The Festivals

  • The Two Calendars

  • The Seven Thousand Year Plan of G‑d

  • Yom Teruah—Rosh haShanah

  • Teshuvah

  • The Day of the L‑rd

  • Two Theaters

  • The Natzal and Resurrection

  • The Coronation

  • The Wedding of the Messiah

  • Birth of Yeshua During Sukkot (Tabernacles)

  • Titles of The Day of the L‑rd

  • The Day of Trouble—Synonyms

  • Index of Topics

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