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The Sabbath manual has gone through a few revisions over the years. This latest is more cosmetics than substance. The manual has been incorporated into a new series called "The Salter Treasury."

Each item in the series has the title of The Salter Treasury plus the addition of the topic of the item. In this case it is the Home Sabbath Services.

The Sabbath Manual has been our best seller from it's inception some 15 years ago. Originally written for the Salter family over 20 years ago, it contained a mere 15 pages and contained only the Friday night service. Soon the Saturday services were added as well as the Havdalah service.

A good friend, Joseph Good, saw the book and thought it would be a good item for his ministry, Hatikva Ministries, to add to their list of items. It has since became one of their best sellers as well. The reason it is so popular is that both seasoned observer's and novices alike can both take the manual and on using it for the first time feel right at home.

It is written in such a way that everything is well defined and instructions abound for everyone to be able to conduct their own Sabbath Seder, Havdalah, Sanctification of the New Moon, and Kabbalat Shabbat with complete confidence.

There are also challah recipes as well as instructions on how to braid the Sabbath bread, both three strands and four strands. Sabbath songs, zimirot, are found in the back of the manual and are broken into the different services. The songs also teach about the Messianic Kingdom and there are different songs for each aspect of the Sabbath. Songs for Friday night teach about the beginning of the Sabbath and those for Saturday morning and Saturday night teach us about the middle and end of the Messianic Kingdom as well.

It should always be remembered that the Sabbath is just that, a picture of the Messianic Kingdom. The lessons we learn and the rehearsals we conduct are forever leading us toward our G-d and His understanding. We are commanded by Him to both keep and observe the Sabbath forever. This law applies to both Jews and G-dfearers alike with no difference in observance.

This manual is 5.5 X 8.5 and comb bound for easy use. It was considered binding with a perfect binding as found in most books but it was decided that the comb binding is best for books that are read in services due to their ability to lay open without having to hold the hand over the face of the book. It is also possible to fold the book in half is so desired without causing any harm to the books binding, another great feature of the comb binding.

Topics Include:

  • Things you will need for the Sabbath

  • Lighting the Sabbath Candles

  • The Friday Night Service

  • The Saturday Morning Service

  • The Saturday Evening Service

  • Grace After Meals

  • Havdalah (Closing the Sabbath)

  • Z'mirot (songs)

  • Transliteration of some of the Blessings

  • Glossary

  • How to Make Challah (Bread)

  • Resource List

  • Kabbalat Shabbat

  • Sanctification of the Moon

Item Price: $12.95       Pages: 175        Binding: Comb

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