The Torah of G-d is the founding principals on which our lives are built. Within it are the directions and instructions that G-d Himself graciously bestowed to us that we may live a life that is pleasing to Him. He did not leave us without direction but instead guided us Himself in what He desires from us.

"In Jewish tradition the word Torah, which literally means "teaching," is often used to describe the entire gamut of Jewish religious learning. When so used, Torah refers not only to the Five Books of Moshe (Moses) but also to the Prophets, Holy Writings, Talmud, and Midrash—in fact, to all religious writings from earliest times to the present. Basically, however, the term Torah applies to the Five Books of Moshe (Moses), the first five books of the Bible." "The Torah is the centerpiece of Judaism and the key to Jewish survival. …" — Rabbi Alfred J Kolatch, This is the Torah.

To this I would add that not only is the Torah the "centerpiece of Judaism" but it is the centerpiece of all that love G-d and desire to please Him. Without Torah it is impossible to please G-d or to love Him, for keeping Torah is love.

Below are found the five books of the Torah. Each will contain lessons and teachings from the parasha (weekly Torah reading).

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